Fraud prevention


The USP of Ypsilon Payment Solutions is the fact that they can connect the payment services and fraud prevention system to all major GDS and airline CRS as well hotels & car supplier XML API’s, mid and back office software and tour operator platforms. Fraud management or payment validation can be directly related to a reservation system in order to act on the booking based on the fraud scoring or payment acceptance. (Queuing, remarks, OSI, cancellation, remove seat assignment, auto cancel etc.).

Our automated fraud prevention system is specifically designed for the travel industry as we believe that the information and process are completely different than for the regular retail sectors. Our fraud analysis is based on the combination of non-payment-related data such as the time of booking, itinerary, ticketing time limits, addresses etc. and payment parameters.

The fraud pattern recognition can be adapted to the specific needs and markets and rules can be precisely defined based on over 1800 metrics as well as internal and external modules such as black and white lists, customer solvency information, Perseuss data etc.) Scoring results are presented graphically in the back office module and can be linked on request to GDS or CRS commands such as individual queuing, insertion of remarks or OSI, cancelation of booking, modification of segment status, removal of seating assignment for short term departure and more.

Bild Fraudmanagement